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By planning ahead with a CCTV Inspection you can save money and prevent potential damages and additional expenses.

CCTV is an efficient way to examine your sewer lines!before and after drain pictures

It provides specific information in real time on the exact condition and location of defects in your sanitary lines therefore enabling your service crews to strategically target and implement repairs or maintenance.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not consider a sewer line legally “cleaned” unless it’s been videoed by CCTV, then cleaned/jetted and then re-videoed so that your line is truly CLEANED AND CLEAR of all debris. We can provide you before and after videos of your sewer pipelines so you KNOW your lines are truly CLEAN.

Envirosight Pan Tilt Zoom CameraPREVENTION IS KEY!!

Plan now for your annual sewer line upkeep!

Even if you are not experiencing issues, CCTV can also be used as a way to assess the condition of your lines by locating problems early before they become major issues. For example, see whether you have tree root issues, offset joints, fractures, grease build up, or other obstructions that could cause a sewer back up and sometimes result in a violation with the city. Let us help you prevent these problems, make your job easier as a property manager, and keep residents and surrounding neightbors happy. Nobody appreciates nasty sewer overflows!

Prevent repeat plumbing calls by inspecting and cleaning your lines at the same time!

We provide Customized High Pressure Chemical Free GREEN cleaning of your sewer pipelines. We remove grease, debris and other obstructions (i.e. roots) for residential or commercial sewer pipelines from 1.5” to 6”.


Whether it be a private home, apartment building, or a restaurant, sewer lines can start having issues as early as 12 years old. The average sewer system is 50 years old, this means your sewer lines could be older. Just like humans, sewer lines need routine physical check-ups. Prepare for sewer health upkeep by building sewer work into your reserve budget. Spend a little now, save a lot later!

Check and clean your sewer lines out now, prevent total system failure later!