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bullet SEWER BACKUPS cause abatement damages between $7,500 and $35,000.
bullet Home Owner’s or Business Insurance Policies do NOT cover sewer backups unless you have a rider on your policy for sewer backups. However collecting monetary damages is still limited to about $5,000.
bullet The City & County is not always liable for sewer backups making private homeowners responsible for sewer backups.
bullet “Exclusive Common Use” arguments don’t always work in court for AOAO and HOAs.
bullet Sewer systems can be legally viewed as a series of interconnected pipes feeding into one common line therefore making AOAOs and HOAs responsible for damages.
bullet Sewer backups spread Hepatitis A, B,C and E.coli bacterium when raw sewage backs up into your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and yard!
bullet View your sewer issues with Pipe Insight’s video footage recorded for you!
bullet We are available for emergencies, after hours and weekends.
bullet We are bonded, insured and NASSCO certified.
bullet We video inspect and clean sewer lines from 1.5" to 6".
bullet Once we find the blockage in your sewer line, we can immediately clean your sewer line using our high pressure jetting system that is GREEN and non-toxic to our environment! Your sewer line is not “LEGALLY” clean unless it’s been videoed, cleaned and re-videoed!

Plan Ahead & Save Money

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